We are committed to always offer the best alternatives that fulfill the chemical and economic requirements that our customers need.

We accompany our customers with the technical details during the development of their projects – from the beginning to the after sales customer service, focusing on working together with our customers to obtain the best results and rapidly resolve any technical or logistical setback.

We have our own lab for product development and quality control, in addition, we have the full support of our suppliers’ labs in case of any special requirements.

Our personnel is part of an in-house training program, apart from participating in international training programs as well, so that we may provide world class technical assistance to our customers.

We have our logistical and technical documentation highly digitized in order to respond quickly to our customers with any request, no matter whether we are in the office or not.

Our warehouse is strategically located in the center of Lima, which allows for the most efficient deliveries to all areas of the city.